Japan’s 2014 World Cup base decided

 Japan will be based in Itu near Sao Paulo during next year’s FIFA World Cup, it was announced on Thursday in Tokyo.
 “We have selected a place with the best possible environment for our team,” said JFA Technical Director Hara Hiromi. “The training facilities are almost perfect for us.”
 The facility has training pitches and a swimming pool in an area surrounded by greenery.
 “It is very comfortable and we will be able to concentrate well there,” Hara said. “We will have to travel a long way to our match venues, but we can have a relaxing time once we get back to our base camp.”
 In the group stage, Japan will play their first two matches in the north-east of Brazil - in Recife (against Cote d’Ivoire on June 14) and Natal (against Greece on June 19). The areas are known for their heat and humidity. Alberto Zaccheroni’s team will then play in Cuiaba (against Colombia on June 24) in the south of the country.
 “I’m glad that our staff found a good place for us,” Zaccheroni said. “This place is very tranquil and has good football pitches. Those were the decisive factors as we wanted to stay at a place where we could train well and be away from the noises of the town. In terms of facilities, they’ve got everything and there’s lots of greenery there where we can enjoy walking.”